Supporting the LLW Collection

    It is our hope that the Linda Lucas Walling Collection website will be well used by people who are interested in equity of access to information and the accessibility of materials for those who are differently able. Everyone can help support the Collection and its work in one or more of the following ways:

    Contribute ideas, articles, links, titles of books and other materials to include on this website and/or in the collection. Suggestions for improving the page are always welcome.

    Follow us on Social Media and help further awareness of the collection and its work. Share information about materials you have used successfully with children and young adults with differing abilities, families, and professionals as well as about materials you have tried to use unsuccessfully. Submit your own evaluations of materials not in the collection, whether those are professional materials, or materials for children or young adults.

    Consider making a monetary donation to help update and maintain the collection. Monetary donations may be made visiting the website:

    1. Type in the donation amount and select either “continue” (immediate donation) or “make a pledge” (pay over time).
    2. In the first section of the next page, the first question asks to choose from the options below. Select the third option, “I would like to specify an area to support.”
    3. A text box will appear, and type in account number A31079 or the name “Linda Lucas Walling Collection.”

    Publishers are encouraged to send copies of their materials to be added to the collection. Please contact Dr. Clayton A. Copeland at or through the “Contact Us” tab with inquiries regarding donations.

    We thank you kindly for your participation and important contributions.

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